• Innovative HSC-milling, including setting of entry points

    Das innovative

    The innovative HSC/HPC-milling of Condacam 3.1 enables the setting of entry points. The tool can be brought in pre-drilled positions until the machining depth without being exposed to critical plunge loads.    Furthermore it is possible to use tools which do not cut over the centre. Read on...

Condacam is on a high growth path for over 11 years!

6 months after launch the new Condacam 3.1 continuously receives a positive feedback.     Relevant new developments in Condacam 3.1 enable a still faster programming and more effective tool paths. key feature of Condacam 3.1. are the highly advanced HSC/HPS strategies, the innovative contact areas-milling as well as the new selection functions,    Combined with a good price-ratio performance Condacam is on a high growth path for over 11 years.   

The new method for delimiting the machining areas.

The new method for delimiting the machining areas captivates by it´s simplicity. The cumbersome handling with delimiting curves is no longer necessary.  In Condacam 3.1 the user has nothing more to do than to select the faces to be machined. The special feature of Condacam is that the input of tolerances such as offset values or the specification of stop-faces are not more required.  In this way, for instant, pocket bottoms with adjacent steep walls let be finished precisely without causing that the tool affects the adjacent steep walls in the upper area.    Read on...

Product Reviews

Many satisfied customers or user appreciate the simple handling and fast computation speed for years. The constant further development of Condacam guarantees a future-proof investment. You too can trust in a high-grade Cam-system such as Condacam and join in the list of satisfied customers.    Read on...

Condacam 3.1 makes a very good impression especially the selecting of all elements of one colour    We make sure that we acquire future updates.

I do not regret to have bought Condacam. I am very satisfied with the System. Condacam can I really recommend to everyone who expects more service for less money.

Meanwhile I use Condacam since march 2011. For years I searched for a cost-effective software which is easy to learn, then Condacam has come to my attention in the internet by accident.   After several years of experience in application Condacam am I still always satisfied with the system and persuaded that Condacam is able to compete with well-known companies.

The new features with a mouse-click into the field and then milling paths remove out of the model is a super function, which simplifies the work.  The new menu bar at the left margin is excellent..   Keep it up ...
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